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Most popular keywords all over the world

Many marketers are wondering how they can drive traffic to their website and increase profits while the entire world continues to fight the pandemic. So, how have changes over the past year affected traffic trends and Google's top search terms? We thought you might be wondering what people are searching for, so we've selected the 100 most searched keywords on Google and other US search engines. We studied branded and non-branded Google queries. So, what was the most popular branded keyword word in Google search? As you can see, YouTube has become a winner on Google and other search engines in the United States with a traffic share of over 9%. In June 2020, YouTube's traffic share was only 4%. Traffic share is a very important metric by which you can evaluate the performance of your website compared to the competition. For this reason, Similarweb uses this metric to determine how to rank for the most popular keywords that led to a website visit.

The other metric presented above is search volume, which shows how many times the target keyword appears in a query on Google each month. It allows you to understand the popularity of a particular keyword, but does not take into account the actual traffic that search volume receives from zero clicks or the frequency with which each keyword appears as organic or paid search. This indicator also does not give context to the popularity of the search, that is, it does not give information whether its popularity is increasing or decreasing. It can answer questions such as "what is the most searched word on Google?". However, if you want to understand the context, you should look at metrics like percentage change from the previous month. The top 100 unbranded keywords list contains many keywords related to current topics and news. The stock ticker for GameStop, "gme", took first place. The company was in the news in February when the stock price rose and then fell when the Reddit story hit the headlines. The retail app Robinhood was also at the forefront of the action, so it makes sense that the keyword “robinhood” ranked high on our list. Other unbranded trending keywords were movie-related and included words like "Hopeful Girl" and "Godzilla vs. Kong." Keywords related to the coronavirus and the super bowl also ranked highly.
Over 100 top Google searches

Want to get more information and go beyond the top 100 Google searches? Then you should check out Similarweb's keywords feature, where you can analyze at the category level how traffic is directed to any category based on real user searches and real clicks, not just assumptions about click through rates. With this tool you can see:

Organic vs Paid Traffic: Percentage of visits generated by organic search versus paid search

Search traffic by channel: A breakdown of search traffic by search channel such as organic search, news, images, videos, and more

Search traffic by source: A breakdown of search traffic by source (or search engine) such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

See Top Trending Keywords

You can also use Similarweb's New and Popular feature in Keyword Tool, which finds new keyword opportunities that other SEO tools can't catch. An effective SEO strategy requires you to constantly update your keyword list, adapting to the latest trends and any updates to Google's core algorithm.

This one-of-a-kind tool shows you how a keyword is performing by comparing keyword searches to click volume and identifying which websites are getting paid and organic traffic from targeting any keyword. Similarweb also allows you to study the competitive landscape for any keyword, determine the market size for your target keyword, and find a unique landing page for each keyword for each domain.

You should also look into a similarweb keyword generator tool.

The Keyword Generator automatically generates keyword lists based on a source keyword in any language or market. It can help you find anything from precise search terms and long-tail keywords to the top searches on Google. It will give you hundreds of keyword suggestions and let you see exact search volumes, trends, and which websites rank highest for each keyword.

Use the keyword generator to: Cluster keywords by topic, intent, and business value Create a content strategy

TOP 100 search queries and popular questions on Google for the first half of 2022


Ahrefs Service collected the most popular search queries and popular questions that users entered into the search box. The analysis used 19.8 billion keywords in different languages. Statistics are presented for the first half of 2022.



TOP 100 Google Searches

Search volume shows how many times a given keyword is searched on Google per month. However, search demand for many keywords can fluctuate from month to month.

  Key query Average annual search volume
one youtube 1,163,000,000
2 Facebook 1,033,000,000
3 google 513,000,000
four whatsapp web 490,000,000
5 weather 400,000,000
6 gmail 394,000,000
7 translate 367,000,000
eight amazon 348,000,000
9 google translate 332,000,000
ten instagram 301,000,000
eleven traductor (translator) 235,000,000
12 hotmail 206,000,000
13 cricbuzz 196,000,000
fourteen timepo  170,000,000
fifteen fb 146,000,000
16 satta king 123,000,000
17 Yahoo Mail 121,000,000
eighteen yahoo 119,000,000
19 weather tomorrow 110,000,000
twenty google maps 108,000,000
21 weather 99,000,000
22 trader 89,000,000
23 sarkari result 86,000,000
24 interpreter 85,000,000
25 yandex 83,000,000
26 tiempo manana 78,000,000
27 walmart 76,000,000
28 ebay 74,000,000
29 tradecoes 72,000,000
thirty nba 72,000,000
31 flipkart 67,000,000
32 Google Traduction 65,000,000
33 ceviri 64,000,000
34 wordle 63,000,000
35 meteo 62,000,000
36 bbc news 61,000,000
37 satta 60,000,000
38 hava durumu 53,000,000
39 youtube 52,000,000
40 dollar 51,000,000
41 home depot 50,000,000
42 in contact with 48,000,000
43 dr 46,000,000
44 covin 46,000,000
45 xsmb 46,000,000
46 amazon prime 45,000,000
47 snaptik 45,000,000
48 ipl 45,000,000
49 weather 44,000,000
fifty december global holidays 44,000,000
51 instagram login 43,000,000
52 previsão do tempo 42,000,000
53 devlet 42,000,000
54 series a 41,000,000
55 Yandex 41,000,000
56 เเปลภาษา 41,000,000
57 google trader 41,000,000
58 google dịch 39,000,000
59 setka matka 39,000,000
60 clima para amanha 39,000,000
61 แปลภาษา 38,000,000
62 wp 38,000,000
63 lottery sambad 38,000,000
64 build 37,000,000
65 traduttore 36,000,000
66 starbucks 36,000,000
67 election results 36,000,000
68 fox news 35,000,000
69 program tv 35,000,000
70 nfl 34,000,000
71 le bon coin 34,000,000
72 costco 34,000,000
73 cuaca 33,000,000
74 marca 33,000,000
75 dpboss 33,000,000
76 matka 32,000,000
77 übersetzer 32,000,000
78 weather 32,000,000
79 flamengo 31,000,000
80 food near me 31,000,000
81 onet 31,000,000
82 globo 30,000,000
83 restaurants near me 30,000,000
84 seznam 29,000,000
85 uol 29,000,000
86 mercado livery 28,000,000
87 gg dịch 27,000,000
88 kalyanchart 27,000,000
89 mynet 27,000,000
90 zyrtec 25,000,000
91 xsmn 25,000,000
92 english to hindi 25,000,000
93 dịch 25,000,000
94 sxmb 25,000,000
95 xổ số miền nam 25,000,000
96 as 25,000,000
97 download video tiktok 24,000,000
98 네이버 24,000,000
99 天気 24,000,000
100 epfo 22,000,000
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