What to Sell in 2022 - 19 Ideas for Online Stores


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What to Sell in 2022 - 19 Ideas for Online Stores

Demand has not gone away in 2021, but, on the contrary, has moved to the Internet. Many offline projects have moved online. Further, the volume of the e-commerce market will only grow.

However, due to the crisis , it is necessary to work with potential buyers more delicately . It is important to be flexible, adapt to the needs of customers, try something new, experiment, change or add directions.

We did our research and found out what will be swept off the virtual shelves in the coming year . In this article, we tell you what to sell and how to find a product to sell in 2022.

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1. Clothes and shoes

We start with this category for a reason. It is clothes and shoes that Russians order most often via the Internet. There are many reasons: a huge selection, reasonable prices and the ability to return a thing if it does not fit. This is a disadvantage for online sellers: goods in this category are returned to the store more often than others. Some sites have even launched online fitting rooms to reduce return costs.

One way or another, clothes and shoes are a win-win option for sales through an online store. Here, getting into a trend and following trends is more important than in other market niches. Here is what will be in demand next year:

  • dyed leather goods. This is mainly about outerwear: men's and women's jackets, raincoats and coats. But not only that. Pants, jackets and hats made of colored leather and eco-leather will also be very popular;
  • tropical prints. Hawaiian shirts will be fashionable to wear not only at a resort or vacation, but also in everyday life;
  • products stylized as hand-made;
  • corsets;
  • things from transparent and translucent fabrics.

The general direction of fashion 2022 is maximum openness. But do not forget about the classic models of clothing. Approximately 40% of buyers are aged 35-65 years. Not all of them like the experiments of fashion designers - they adhere to a more restrained style. Therefore, traditional trousers, sweaters, jackets and T-shirts should still form the basis of the assortment of any online store.

Assortment of clothes on the site

2. Furniture

This type of goods is not bought so often and the main sales are still offline. However, high marginality, a large average check and profit do not allow us to bypass this niche. Moreover, furniture is already bought on the Internet by 17 percent of the population , and in the future this figure will only grow.

Often, among furniture customers, one can come across this approach: a suitable model is selected in one of the offline stores, after which it is ordered on the Internet - it's cheaper that way. Therefore, we can advise online sellers to focus on showrooms and participation in offline projects in order to show the product in person. It is the combination of retail and online sales that may be the key to success in this field.

As for the trends, they are as follows:

  • furniture imitating raw wood. And, in fact, furniture made of rough treated wood for VIP clients. The main thing is the texture of the product. It should emphasize the pattern of the tree;
  • furniture from natural minerals and imitation of those. Quartz, marble, granite are in fashion;
  • popular upholstery colors - watermelon, blue velvet, gray, beige, pink;
  • furniture with inserts for various non-ferrous metals: steel, copper, brass;
  • voluminous sofas and ottomans;
  • narrowed dressers.

But high-tech furniture should be slowly abandoned - it is rapidly losing popularity. Comfort and everything natural are back in fashion. It is these products in half with the classics that should make up the majority of the assortment of the furniture store 2022.

3. Household goods and dishes

Such things will be sold on the Internet in 2022 and 2032. In addition, this category is universal. You can start a separate online store for it, or you can include in the assortment of a store of household appliances, furniture and even goods for the garden and cottages .

The niche is very wide and includes:

  • dishes of various purposes: household festive, gift, camping;
  • cleaning products: buckets, basins, mops;
  • toiletries;
  • kitchen utensils;
  • cleaners and detergents, household chemicals;
  • cutlery and more.

Now a little about what from this category will be in demand next year . There is a clear division into reasonable, kind, eternal, such as stainless steel pots and enameled buckets. But as for the festive dishes - everything is much more interesting. Here trends rule, and how.

In 2022 will be popular:

  • asymmetrical dishes: plates, glasses, wine glasses and so on;
  • wooden utensils. The fashion for everything natural has reached here;
  • porcelain services, stylized antique. More precisely, artificially aged. Cracked cups and saucers, supposedly chipped edges - all this will be popular in 2022;
  • plain crockery of a primitive form. Hey IKEA!

Dishes from the IKEA online store 

Dishes from the IKEA online store 

4. Healthy eating

Compared to last year, the demand for healthy food has tripled. On Russian marketplaces and online stores, they actively bought all products that somehow relate to the topic of healthy lifestyle.

In the last month alone, the number of queries with the phrase "proper nutrition" in the search amounted to almost 380 thousand. This information is from the Yandex Wordstat service. Researchers suggest that interest in the field will continue to grow next year.

The main components of a healthy diet:

  • legumes - beans, lentils, chickpeas;
  • whole grains - oats, brown rice, quinoa, bulgur, arnovka, barley, amaranth;
  • dried fruits;
  • sublimated berries;
  • vegetable milk;
  • nuts, natural nut pastes;
  • superfoods;
  • cereal bars without sugar;
  • fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • natural pastille without additives;
  • bran, germinated cereals;
  • organic and farm products with a short shelf life;
  • flax seeds, chia;
  • herbal collections.

If you have an online grocery store, you can reformat it into a healthy food site or add a section with organic products to the catalog. To attract even more buyers, it is worth offering an express delivery service to the door .

We also advise you to think about selling ready-made meals and food sets according to individual diets with a calculated KBJU. It will be great if you implement online dietitian consultations on the site. They can be paid or free, but subject to the mandatory order of certain sets of products or dishes.

5. Medical products

It is quite logical that absolutely all records in the search are beaten by requests with the keyword “drugs”. Over the past month, their number has amounted to about 8 million.

The best-selling positions in the pharmaceutical industry today:

  • antiviral agents;
  • vitamin complexes to strengthen immunity;
  • personal hygiene products;
  • therapeutic creams for face skin care (suffers from constant wearing of a mask) and hands (dry up from alcohol antiseptics);
  • aspirators;
  • pulse oximeters;
  • protective masks;
  • gloves;
  • respirators;
  • disinfectants and sanitizers.

It is convenient for consumers to buy medicines online with delivery. The sale of medicines is carried out by online pharmacies that have a license and a warehouse that meets certain requirements. Despite the high competition in the niche, this is a promising idea for a startup in 2022. Consultations of doctors, especially psychologists, are in demand in the sphere.

Some popular items can be added to a regular online store of a different theme. For example, fabric masks are appropriate on a clothing website, including original design options. Health food companies can sell vitamin supplements from reputable brands. Sanitizers and disinfectors will not be superfluous in the assortment of a home goods store.

6. Goods for hobbies and entertainment

Due to quarantine, people began to spend much more time at home. The demand for various leisure goods has grown significantly. For example, on AliExpress, the frequency of purchases in the Hobbies and Collectibles category increased 5 times. Since there are no plans to completely lift the restrictions yet, the surge in interest in entertainment products is unlikely to subside.

What specifically to focus on:

  • creator's Kit;
  • prefixes;
  • televisions;
  • tablets;
  • game accessories;
  • robotics;
  • virtual reality gadgets.

At least a few of these categories should definitely be added to the catalog of an online store of electronics , household appliances , toys .

7. Stationery and office supplies

In 2020, we are facing a dramatic transition to online, both in terms of study and work. We urgently had to equip home offices, allocate space for children for distance learning.

E-commerce stationery sales skyrocketed. It is much easier for people to order a set of everything they need in an online store in order to avoid going to the market or other offline outlets. The number of queries with the word "office" in Yandex Wordstat over the past month is about 350 thousand.

According to forecasts in 2022 will be in demand:

  • stationery sets;
  • A4 paper;
  • boxes, files and folders for storing documents;
  • pens, pencils, markers;
  • stapler, staples;
  • flip table calendars;
  • stand-organizers;
  • calculators;
  • magnetic marker boards and accessories for them.

8. Books

An interesting situation has developed on the literature market : the younger generation prefers to read from the screen of a tablet or smartphone, which was one of the reasons for the closure of many bookstores. As a result, those who are used to living paper books cannot buy them offline. The literature market naturally moved to the Internet, where it began to grow at a rapid pace. The trend will continue into 2021. Here's what's in demand:

  • classical world literature. Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and Turgenev will be popular in 2022 and 2122;
  • educational literature. Especially in modern areas: IT, marketing, design, programming, layout, website and mobile application development;
  • books on psychology, self-development, personal growth;
  • modern literature - from Stephen King to Daria Dontsova;
  • school and university textbooks with notebooks. They are ordered in whole sets, so it is important to have the entire range in stock. There will be no one part of the training manual - they will not order the whole set;
  • literature on jurisprudence, medicine, economics;
  • books on cooking, gardening, home preparations and other hobbies;
  • celebrity biographies and autobiographies;
  • conspiracy literature;
  • children's books.

9. Children's toys

Yandex Wordstat has more than 420 thousand queries per month with the phrase "baby products". The dynamics of the popularity of this category does not subside. Parents do their best to entertain their children.

Next year, increased demand is expected for:

  • interactive toys;
  • constructors;
  • drawing tablets;
  • children's nightlights and lamps;
  • quality wooden toys;
  • sets for experiments;
  • masses for modeling a new generation;
  • smart watch;
  • headphones for children.

The most popular trends in 2022 will be smart toys - pets that follow voice commands, crying baby dolls, dollhouses with lights on.

40% of children want robots, about 20% - radio-controlled models of cars and airplanes. About 18% are engaged in creative work. Parents prefer to buy children's products with an educational focus.

The list of the most popular toy brands for the next year includes LOL, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Baby Born, Lego, My Little Pony, Play-Doh .

10. Fitness equipment

In conditions of self-isolation, people began to actively engage in sports. This trend has remained even after the lifting of strict quarantine restrictions. Analysts continue to record significant growth in home workout equipment sales.

According to Yandex.Market, consumers are especially interested in:

  • simulators;
  • Treadmills;
  • yoga mats;
  • dumbbells;
  • swedish walls;
  • sportswear.

To increase audience engagement, you can conduct online classes with professional trainers, send useful tips on home workouts by email or instant messengers.

11. Auto parts 

Motorists have long preferred to order and buy this category of goods on the Internet. Specificity helps: there are tens and hundreds of thousands of auto parts and accessories . No retail store can afford to keep the entire range in stock. Meanwhile, pieces of iron and consumables are needed, as a rule, even “yesterday”, that is, very urgently. This is especially true for corporate clients. Nobody likes to wait until the car is repaired while moving on foot.

Therefore, opening an auto parts store was and remains a win-win option for a startup. In 2021, the picture will not change. True, there is no need to talk about innovations here - the market is relatively static. The range should include:

  • expendable materials. Sometimes this segment makes up to 60 percent of the sales of an online spare parts store. So all sorts of filters, belts, pads and racks should always be available for order;
  • details of large units: engine, gearbox, chassis and body;
  • spare parts for suspension and steering: rods, racks, steering tips, shock absorbers;
  • range of auto chemicals: oils, power steering fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze, paints and varnishes, interior care products;
  • complete wheels, tires and rims.

Auto parts catalog 

Auto parts catalog 

A couple more notes. Firstly, the spare parts trade has a pronounced seasonality . In the spring of 2022, we need to start selling summer tires and summer oils. In summer, insect repellant poured into the washer reservoir, as well as accessories for road trips, are popular.

Secondly, car tuning continues to gain popularity . Here, drivers are divided into several subcultures: jeepers, street racers, car audio lovers and many others. These are in demand for auto winches, direct-flow mufflers, a sports body kit and acoustic systems. If you dilute the assortment with such devices, you will attract more buyers, and very solvent ones. Tuning is expensive, so the public is well-off there.

12. Mobile transport

Bicycles, electric scooters and gyroscooters are a super-popular trend of the last year. Whenever possible, people try to avoid unnecessary contacts and refuse public transport. Mobile vehicles have become the best alternative to minibuses and metro.

The latest and trendiest trend in the niche is electric scooters . They account for up to 70% of all vehicle purchases. It is a safe, easy-to-operate, small-sized mode of transport. Popularity ratings on marketplaces are headed by models from the brands Xiaomi, Ninebot, Kugoo.

people on electric scooters

13. Cosmetics and personal care products

These products account for 32 and 34 percent of online sales, respectively, according to Yandex.Market research. Fashion for personal care products has not changed over the years. New brands of popular creams, shampoos and toothpastes are coming out, which suppliers themselves bring to the market. But with cosmetics, everything is much more interesting. Trends here are fleeting, just like in the world of clothing. By the way, make-up trends are born on fashion catwalks. Together with new clothes, models demonstrate new trends in make-up, which then go to the people.

If we talk about trends, then in 2022 they will be as follows:

  • glitter. All sorts of sequins and sequins for the face are now used not only as decorations. They make out parts of the face as a whole. It can be lips, eyelids and even eyelashes. It is strictly necessary to include such products in the assortment of an online cosmetic store in 2022;
  • highlighter. The fashion for this tool has not passed for a couple of years and will definitely pass in the upcoming 2022. So, a must-have in stock;
  • eyebrow shaping products. This is where naturalness comes into play. No eyebrow threads or, on the contrary, excessively thick eyebrows-leeches. Only natural, but properly designed. That's right - this is with the help of eyebrow gel, which must also be included in the product catalog;
  • colored shadows. The most bizarre shades: fashionistas manage to use a dozen different colors in the design of one century;
  • Red lipstick. Classic scarlet shade;
  • freckles. In 2022, they will be at the peak of popularity. Those who are unfortunate and God did not reward them with bright natural freckles will have to do this with makeup. Your task is to provide the appropriate cosmetics for this by including them in the assortment of the online cosmetics store.

14. Korean cosmetics

Korean cosmetics brands are bestsellers in the beauty industry. The number of monthly queries on this topic in Yandex Wordstat has exceeded 290,000. Presumably, this trend will safely migrate into 2022. However, according to experts, the focus of consumers' attention will shift towards efficiency, convenience, accessibility and safety.

Complex multi-step care and unusual jars with cartoon designs will no longer be so popular. Their place will be taken by premium products in packaging with a concise Western style, express products for instant application, unusual textures and textures.

The beauty industry will live with such trends:

  • products with the effect of cream skin (make the skin moisturized and radiant in one step, without long 10-step skin care procedures);
  • 100% natural compositions;
  • care products with probiotics and peptides;
  • enzymatic cosmetics;
  • local masks;
  • creams in convenient tubes with a built-in brush.

Most buyers are interested in Holika Holika, Elizavecca, Bioaqua, The Saem, Atomy brands . If you have an online cosmetics store , be sure to add the product lines of these companies to your assortment.

15. Accessories

Another area where you need to carefully follow fashion trends and keep your finger on the pulse. The assortment can change overnight and completely - you need to be prepared for this. No one will buy your products if they do not meet the requirements of the time. So what will be the requirements for the range of accessories in 2022? And here are some:

  • women's ties. Such products have already been shown at shows in fashion capitals by eminent brands. It is to be expected that more budgetary manufacturers will take over next year;
  • belts imitating coarse hemp ropes and thick ropes. Yes, yes: with marine knots, steel elements and scuffs;
  • microbags. Such accessories were presented almost simultaneously at the Borbonese, Aigner, Marco de Vincenzo and Chloé shows;
  • accent collars. This product is experiencing another round of popularity. Be sure to add several models to the assortment - they will sell like hot cakes on the market;
  • accessories decorated with feathers. We are talking about literally everything: belts, bags, hats and even shoes.

And this is just the beginning: what we have listed will be in demand only in winter, before the release of spring collections. There trends will change again - do not forget to follow the news . In the meantime, free up space in the warehouse for the current assortment of 2022.

The best offers of accessories on the Lamoda website

The best offers of accessories on the Lamoda website

16. Intimate goods

The purchase of such goods in online stores is understandable: it is guaranteed to ensure the anonymity and security of the transaction, which in this case is a priority. For this reason, lovers of diversifying their sex life began to buy intimate goods online as soon as they got the opportunity. In addition, manufacturers of such products regularly indulge customers with a variety of new products. Here is what will be in demand next year:

  • various costumes for role-playing games: maid, nurse, stewardess, policeman;
  • artificial phalluses and vaginas;
  • vibrators and dildos (a stable trend of the last few years - vibrovacuum devices);
  • erotic underwear;
  • leather and latex products: costumes, belts, shoes, whips;
  • perfumes with pheromones and other intimate cosmetics;
  • goods for BDSM;
  • erotic films and magazines;
  • literature on sexual literacy. "Kama Sutra" was and remains one of the most popular and best-selling books.

Do not forget that intimate goods fall under the 18+ category. This dictates certain requirements for entering the site. Visitors must verify their age upon entry by clicking the "I'm over 18" button.

And one more thing: the sale of such goods requires a special approach to packaging . It should not be clear from the outside of the box what is inside. Even the courier delivering the order should not know what exactly he brought to the buyer.

17. Electronics and home appliances

Selling electronics and small household appliances is one of the most profitable business ideas. Despite the pandemic, according to analysts, this market segment grew by 16% compared to last year . The sales leaders were computer and office equipment, gaming products, mobile devices, home appliances.

In 2022, the following will be in demand:

  • wireless speakers;
  • "smart accessories" - fitness trackers, smart watches, voice assistants, Smart TV;
  • personal computers (they are bought not only by individuals, but also by companies that want to provide comfortable remote work for employees);
  • air purifiers and humidifiers;
  • small kitchen appliances for cooking;
  • freezers;
  • electric toothbrushes and irrigators.

In 2021, priority was given to essential purchases. Smartphones were updated less often than usual. In the next 2 years, sales dynamics in this segment will even out. Therefore, you should pay attention to the most anticipated new products in 2022 and, if possible, add them to the product range.

In the TOP of high-profile premieres of the coming year:

  • Samsung Galaxy S21;
  • Xiaomi Mi 11, Mi Mix 4, Redmi Note 10;
  • One Plus 9 Pro;
  • iPhone 13, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.

18. Computers and laptops

Office equipment accounts for 22 percent of sales, according to research by Yandex.Market and GfK. You can be sure that in 2022 this figure will only increase - this is evidenced by the general trends of e-commerce. If we talk about niches, the demand for powerful gaming computers and laptops will grow, as well as all kinds of gaming hardware: video cards, processors, and so on. The minimum assortment of an online store of computer equipment should look like this:

  • desktop PC assemblies. Not everyone will begin to assemble a device for themselves - ready-made options are also needed;
  • assembly iron. Motherboards, processors, RAM modules, video and sound cards;
  • power supplies, coolers;
  • corps;
  • laptops, netbooks, microbooks. Budget models costing up to 14 thousand rubles are popular;
  • accessories for gaming PCs: gamepads, headphones, electronic steering wheels and pedals, virtual reality devices;
  • auxiliary goods: bags and stands for laptops, chargers, uninterruptible power supplies, protective equipment;
  • peripheral devices: MFPs, printers, scanners;
  • keyboards, mice, acoustic systems;
  • monitors. Video bloggers have introduced a fashion for video systems consisting of several screens - two, three and even more. Be sure to include such models in the assortment.

Detailed characteristics of the gaming computer 

Detailed characteristics of the gaming computer 

19. Eco-friendly products

In recent years, consumers have been actively interested in products made in environmentally friendly ways. They are recyclable and thus help to keep the environment clean. The sustainability trend will continue into 2022. So take note. Many niches can be adapted to this theme.

What is so eco-friendly to sell:

  • reusable shopping bags;
  • biodegradable bags, fabric or paper bags for food storage;
  • dishes made from organic materials;
  • ecological cleaning products based on vegetable substances;
  • natural cosmetics in eco-friendly packaging, eco-glitters;
  • wooden frames;
  • metal straws for drinking;
  • wax wipes.

Tell customers that you are for ethical consumption, care for the environment and this is part of the brand philosophy. Change service standards: pack goods in eco-friendly materials, use electronic checks instead of printed ones, add eco-friendly products to your assortment.

The considered segments are what will be of interest to consumers in the first place. But don't rely solely on them. The market is dynamic. Consumer demand is constantly changing in one direction or another, innovative products appear. To meet the needs, you need to follow the analytics, study the latest marketing research.

As always, inexpensive mass-market products will remain in demand: clothing and footwear , household goods, food , alcohol , pet food , personal hygiene items.


If you are not ready to change your niche, expand your assortment, be smart, add categories with popular products that resonate with the theme of the store. Or use a creative approach: momentary benefits in the form of discounts and promotional codes, psychological tricks. All this will shake buyers and increase sales in any area.

Also, post valuable, up- to-date blog content : articles on how to stay healthy, online game reviews and recommendations, movie and podcast selections, home office tips. Insert native ads into it . This content leads to sales through profit.

We also recommend introducing powerful and functional tools of a new generation into the online store: voice assistants, AR technologies, instant payment modules, online video consultations . The main thing is to keep up with trends and quickly adapt to the current situation. With this approach, business will not be afraid of any crisis.

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