Marketplace rating 2022: 7 best platforms for online stores + cases


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Marketplace rating 2022: 7 best platforms for online stores + cases

We have compiled a rating of the most promising marketplaces in 2022 that can bring profit to any online store. First of all, you need to choose the right platform for promoting products. How? We will tell in our article.

According to Forrester Analytics, over 65% of B2C online sales come from marketplaces. The statistics are clearly visible on the example of such giants as AliExpress or Amazon. Russia is also not far behind in this regard - the number of marketplaces and sales volumes on them are steadily growing due to favorable conditions for both the seller and the buyer.

At the same time, compared to a regular online store, such sites have a number of advantages. For example, you do not have to organize delivery or arrange an online checkout. All the necessary functionality is already built into the system. The main thing is to choose a suitable platform and attract buyers.

We have prepared a list of popular marketplaces so that you can compare them and understand who is best to partner with. And we will always help bring your product to the top !



In the Data Insight rating, Wildberries ranks first in Russia in terms of the number of online sales and orders. More than 80 thousand brands are represented on the site. Every day there are about 1.5 million transactions. At the same time, the terms of cooperation are quite flexible - both legal entities and self-employed people can work with Wildberries. Commission from each check - up to 15%, the amount depends on the category of goods.

To organize sales, the marketplace has useful services:

  • secure payment;
  • built-in analytics tools;
  • mobile application for business purposes.

If you are selling clothes, shoes and accessories, then Wildberries is your choice. These products are most often searched on the site. Other popular categories include books, electronics, auto products.

However, without proper promotion, all these goods will not be in demand. Therefore, to successfully enter the marketplace, you need to build a strategy. It includes such elements as optimizing product cards, working with reviews, etc. The choice of promotion tools largely depends on the products, cost and target audience.


As an example, let's take a case of promoting a honey store on Wildberries. Before entering the marketplace, he had practically no reviews. Therefore, to obtain them, sales were stimulated through Wildberries. After several positive reviews, the store's sales soared: in the first month by 124%, in the second - by 185%.


The importance of reviews should not be underestimated. So, according to a study by AliExpress Russia and Data Insight, more than 91% of orders are made taking into account the opinions of users, 21% - solely because of them. And only 1% of consumers never read reviews.



The second place in our list of the best marketplaces is OZON. According to Data Insight statistics , it also ranks just behind Wildberries in terms of sales. The turnover of the site in 2021 is 445 billion rubles.

Among the advantages of Ozone:

  • popularity - over 25 million buyers and up to 200 thousand orders every day;
  • versatility - the platform is suitable for selling any goods;
  • variability — you can use fulfillment or arrange delivery through your warehouse.

In addition, Ozon has analytics tools through which it is easy to upload reports on various indicators. The store page can be customized to your taste. And separate pricing terms are available for Ozon Premium subscribers. The commission is in the range of 4-20%.

Like other marketplaces, products on OZON are promoted through a combination of many factors. It is required to form a structure, work with prices and discounts, launch advertising campaigns. Do not forget about the cards - they should attract the attention of buyers, arouse a desire to purchase goods and answer possible questions. Without their optimization, one cannot hope for sales growth.


For example, in one of the women's clothing stores on Ozone, there were many sales, but a large percentage of returns - more than 32%. After analyzing the cause, it became clear that buyers were poorly informed about the product. The cards had inaccurate or sparse descriptions, the photographs were of low resolution. As a result, high-quality images, a selling description and other elements that answer user questions were added. The percentage of returns at the same time decreased to 11%.



Yandex Market

Yandex.Market is another platform worth paying attention to in 2022. In the TOP-100 rating from Data Insight , the marketplace ranks 6th in online sales. At the same time, the growth is 180%, which is more than any site in the TOP-10. The number of Yandex.Market buyers is steadily growing. In 2021, about 8.4 million shoppers ordered at least one product. The average check was 4110 rubles.

The marketplace is best suited for owners of online stores of household appliances, goods for construction and repair. In total, 23 categories are available on Yandex.Market:

  • children's products;
  • furniture;
  • pharmacy;
  • auto and others.


The effectiveness of entering Yandex.Market is proved by the case of promoting an online store of medicinal herbs. With high-quality raw materials and well-organized logistics, sales volume left much to be desired. Therefore, when placing on the marketplace, the main task was to reduce the cost of a click. At the start of the promotion, the store was in the top 10 organic search results, and the price of the application was too high.

As a result, minimum bids were set for products with a low conversion rate. In some cases, they were completely excluded from placement. For conversion items, rates were kept high. Work with reviews was also not left without attention - users quickly received answers to comments and questions. As a result, for 3 months of work, Yandex.Market brought in more than 30 applications with a cost of 45.8 rubles. The cost per click was only 32 kopecks.



AliExpress Russia

Through AliExpress, you can sell goods in Russia, Turkey, China and European countries. The audience in the Russian Federation is approximately 27 million users, the turnover is more than 228 billion rubles. More than 48 thousand orders are made on the site every day. The average check is 2210 rubles. Such indicators allowed AliExpress to take the 7th position in the Data Insight ranking .


Among the features of the marketplace:

  • small commission — 5-25%;
  • support for online store owners;
  • convenient addition of goods via YML-file.

In total, there are more than 30 categories on AliExpress Russia:

  • clothes;
  • shoes;
  • auto products;
  • sports and others.

But the priority category is electronics and home appliances. These products are ordered most often, and competition is constantly growing.



SberMegaMarket is a growing marketplace that ranks 21st in the Data Insight rating . More than 22 thousand orders are made on it daily. The monthly influx of unique visitors is over 7 million. The average check is 2,360 rubles. In total, 20 groups are available in SberMegaMarket:

  • electronics;
  • sports and active recreation;
  • Clothes, shoes, accessories;
  • food, etc.

Sales commission depends on 2 factors: category and scheme of work. The minimum rate is 2% for electronics, construction and repair goods.


Kazan Express

Kazan Express is one of the fastest growing marketplaces in Russia. This is proved by the statistics of the site: in 2021, the audience grew by 1160% to 3 million users. The number of daily orders is more than 100 thousand. The geographical coverage of the site is 115 cities of the Russian Federation, but sales are best in Kazan, Samara and Ufa.

By analogy with AliExpress, the marketplace presents the most profitable Chinese and Russian goods with free shipping. The most popular categories are safety glasses, beauty products, stationery and electronics accessories.



Lamoda is a marketplace for online stores of clothing, footwear and lifestyle products. In the Data Insight rating , the site is the leader in its category, taking 8th place in the overall list. Convenient analytics and reporting systems are available for owners of online stores. In addition to the classic fulfillment, there are other unique services, for example, participation in indirect procurement.

The requirements for the product and the level of service at Lamoda are quite high, both technical and aesthetic. Therefore, entering this marketplace without support is not an easy task. Commission - from 35 to 70% depending on the level of partnership. At the same time, the average check is also quite high - about 5,000 rubles with a monthly audience of 16 million people.


Instead of a conclusion

Our list of popular marketplaces in 2022 includes only the most promising ones that can bring profit to any online store. The main thing at the same time is to choose the right platform and work on the rating on the platform. And in order not to lag behind in the search results and stand out from competitors, you need to draw up a competent promotion strategy on the marketplace . Optimizing product cards, expanding the range, reducing the number of returns - all this is painstaking work that requires knowledge and experience.

Despite the popularity of marketplaces, online stores and offline points of sale are also not losing ground. Therefore, we are for promotion on the marketplace, coupled with the development of our own online store - this way it will be possible to reach the maximum target audience.

We at the HotHeads agency bring stores to the top of the Ozon, Wildberries and Yandex.Market search results. We use only proven tools for developing product offers, analyzing sales and processing reviews. With the proper preparation of a promotion strategy, the first results are possible in a few days!

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